Thursday, December 29, 2011

Voicenet Solutions - Improve Your Business Communications

Contemporary business requirements have made voice and data traffic a lot more important than ever before. If company managers want to run their businesses smoothly, they need to come up with the most cost-effective and cutting-edge telephony solutions. Most companies use standard phones but why not get the benefits of using feature rich, fully configured hosted services like Voicenet solutions for a reasonable monthly fee? Sometimes switching to new telephone software or hardware can be rather challenging but not in this case as your hosted phone system can be installed and set up at your premises for you. Here are some more benefits of using business grade telephony solutions for your business.

Cost reduction

As you don't need a large telephone exchange system like a server, the cost of the hosted telephone system is considerably reduced. Calls between employees within your voice network are free while other landline calls, both local and international, are also greatly reduced. With effective hosted telephone services including Voicenet solutions your business can start making significant savings and enhance employee communication from day one. Cheap calls are a great way to maintain stability in the office while saving money. One of the best things about business phone systems is that you don't need expensive regular maintenance yet can enjoy state-of-the-art features as standard.

Advanced security

No matter which business telephony solution you choose, you're offered the most reliable and secure technology to ensure you get the most out of your business communications. Each hosted phone solution has a security system that effectively protects the network against service disruption problems as well as guarantees the privacy of IP addresses and telephone numbers from third parties. Whichever business telephony solution you choose, whether it's hosted VoIP or Voicenet solutions, you're offered a proven security service so you can enjoy all the benefits from your business communication without any worry.

Disaster recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities are key benefits of hosted services. Unlike traditional phone systems, hosted solutions can make you make sure that telephone services are always available, even if your office location can't be accessed. Hosted telephone systems like Voicenet solutions can provide instant failover and quick re-routing of all telephone numbers in case of an emergency. This can ensure continuous business communications in case of any unexpected events such as train strikes, bad weather, flooding, etc.
Advanced features

Now businesses can make the most of their hosted telephony solutions by using their advanced features like remote access, call management, routing services, collaboration services, data sharing and unified communications. The latter is a powerful tool designed to connect workers across the organisation regardless of their location. As soon as they have access to the Internet, they can participate in web conferences, share data, collaborate on documents, deliver or view presentations, chat by videophone and do lots of other things.

Hosted telephone solutions including Voicenet solutions are chosen by financially savvy businesses in all industries. Cost reduction and enhanced productivity are driving forces for rapid adoption of feature-rich solutions in all business spheres.


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