Friday, January 6, 2012

What You Should Know About The OC12 Bandwidth


Today's business environment requires larger bandwidths for the successful transfer of data. The OC12 bandwidth is rapidly becoming the standard for a lot of business because their requirements cannot be adequately handled by DS-1 or DS-3 lines. This article will help you to learn more about this system.

The OC12 bandwidth is the short name for the Optical Carrier level 12. It serves as a fiber solution backbone for the large IP bandwidth requirements of large networks for the transmission of data, voice and video. It needs very little maintenance and is presently in use by large businesses and several government agencies. It can also be used to an extent by smaller businesses.

The speed of the OC12 link is measured according to the Synchronous Optical Network standards. The link rate requirements of core networks have grown from Mbps to Gbps in the past few decades. SONET is able to meet these increased demands because of its flexibility and scalability. Older technology cannot meet this present level of fringe demands.

The OC12 bandwidth provides a total of 622 Mbps circuit from the hub of the ISP to the premises of the consumer. The customer can choose a fixed plan that is usually available at a fixed cost. Price is usually dependent on the carrier, the application used and the location of the service. A small business can start with a minimum size and add more as demands increase. The ISP will provide dedicated installation engineers, 24x7 technical support, IP Address allocation and Primary-secondary DNS hosting.

This system is used for large network backbones because it makes it possible to transfer large amounts of data and run any type of application with ease. Graphics intensive applications run easily and video streaming is seamless. The scalability of this system will strategically position your business to take advantage of new applications immediately they become available.

It is important to evaluate the needs of your business in order to determine the type of service that will be adequate for you. Check your current monthly usage reports to find out the amount of data that you transfer every month. If you are expecting an increase in your needs, you can increase this figure by 10% to 20%.

You can consult a telecom broker that will help you to get the best deal from the carrier sales team. The most appropriate circuit for your business will be determined by a technical support specialist. A professional appraisal will enable you to acquire the most suitable telecommunication system for your enterprise. If you have a large organization, it could take several months to complete the installation.

It is also important for you to choose the right type of OC12 bandwidth service plan. You can start with a lower bandwidth level that can be increased in the future. If you have a business that is open all the hours of the day, you have to choose a service that can meet this requirement. You can save a lot of money with the proper installation of this system.


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