Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Assortment Of Information Concerning DS3

When you own a business that has many computers connected to one internet and when you are finding yourself dealing with an overload of traffic, you do not want to risk having the computers crashing or letting your customers wait for a long period of time in order to be connected. The solution to these are called DS3 Lines.

To break things down, these are also called T3 lines. They are here to provide high bandwidth and work at a speed of approximately forty-five mbps. To understand this a little bit further, this will be operating at a speed equal to about twenty eight regular T1 lines. It is quite impressive and needed for busy companies.

What actually happens is these twenty eight DS1 (T1) lines multiplexes into seven DS2 signals. After this, these seven signals come together and create the one DS3 line for your company to utilize. Thankfully there is a thing called bit stuffing and this is how all of these various lines come together although they are using different frequencies. They will work together to check for errors, etc.

The pricing for this will indeed vary from company to company. It will also change depending on your location, the installation, etc. Fortunately, they provide places you can go online and receive quotes so that you are not purchasing and receiving a bill completely blind-sided.

Usually, one will charge based on two different things. One is called the loop. This is where the providers will bill you based solely on sensitivity to distance - how far is it from the worker to the unit. Second, the providers will base this on the port. This is how much the person providing the internet charges for your business to access the net over your computers and the system as a whole. As we previously stated, this can vary so be sure to check this out in depth prior to ordering.

The thing about this cables is that they must be made using coaxial cable and connectors. The main thing to remember about this is that they must be 75 ohms (the SI unit of electrical resistance). If these are any lower in ohms, you run the risk of signal reflections.

If you do come in contact with signal reflections, this will unfortunately lower the performance of your computers, as well as your network. It could also ruin it so much that it no longer works. This could make some customers upset, one has to be sure that the proper cords and cables are being used to have the best possible performance.

As you can see, there are many benefits to DS3 lines. You want your business to be reaching its full potential in the world and economy today and it would be a shame to allow your worker's performances to be hindered due to unreliable internet connections and frustrating time periods where they have to wait to access information.


Mary B. Pleasant View, TN said...

How many computers need to be on one internet server before you concider a DS3 line?

Mary B.
Pleasant View, TN

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