Friday, January 6, 2012

Is Plagiarism an Epedimic?

Have you ever had someone plagiarize your articles? I know I have. At first, I was somewhat flattered by the number of people that have linked to articles that I have written. My stats at this site might say otherwise but I'm talking that there are thousands of them for at least four of my articles alone.

Upon closer examination of these articles, I realized that many of the copies of my hard work had words changed around, deleted or replaced. I looked closer and saw complete rewrites of some of my articles. I never realized how bad people's grammar and spelling can get. Don't they know about spellchecker? If they're going to alter my work, the least they could do would be to spell the words right. Don't leave commas out at key places. Sentence structure is kind of important, I would think.

Plagiarism may be an easy way to fill up a website but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Copy the entire article if you want but don't alter the way it is written. Give me or the author who wrote it, the credit for writing it even if it wasn't written the way you would have written it.

Everyday, people use quotes. I know I do but I always give credit to the author who wrote it originally. If you don't know who wrote it, say so. It is unknown. It is anonymous.

Copywriting is done to protect products from being copied by unauthorized factories. We've all seen fake name brand watches and some are fake fakes. There are hundreds of products like this that have been copied. The desire of the seller is to sell the fake products for more money than they are worth.

Let the buyer beware. The idea that you get what you pay for is not necessarily true anymore. Some of those fakes are very close copies and sometimes hard to tell the difference. They must think the buying public is stupid or they can be fooled.

There are some famous labels and slogans that are also protected so that they can be used by their owners only. Now, if a writer produces a novel, he would definitely get it copyrighted. I think I would register it at the manuscript stage, especially if I was sending it to an agent, editor or publisher. There is a lot of time and effort expended up to that level.

Articles, however, are not usually protected in this way. It boils down to; is there honesty, good manners and genuine integrity in the realm of the World Wide Web? Probably it has deteriorated but I'm not sure as to what point. Beware of where your articles end up and who links on to them. You may have been a victim of Pragiarism and may not have realized it.

John Sprague is an Experienced Logistic Coordinator with expertise in transportation and military convoy movement in sometimes hostile environments, who is dependable, creative and safety conscious at all times, client relationship management and team management are part of my work ethic. Hands on experience in advanced product tracking, container management, data gathering and analysis, quality assurance, personnel supervision and problem resolution when needed.

In his free time, he is an avid reader of historical fiction and mystery novels.


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