Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Application Of Hosted PBX Systems

This is an initial that means private branch exchange. Hosted PBX systems are intended for managing internal calls in an organization. Internal or local users of phones can make and receive external phone calls because this system which has a number of phone lines connecting to external public phone systems. The equipment functions by connecting the two users as per the existing settings and maintains this connection for as long as the user needs it.

Eventually, it terminates the call as per the request of a user and maintains call logs while tracking the usage of the lines. Traditionally, the system is hosted in the physical location of the organization and is managed by the personnel in the organization with all the layout of wires running all over. This, therefore, calls for resources like space, technical staff and finances for purchasing the equipment.

On the other hand, this system is situated at a location different from the physical premises of the company. This location is usually at the premises of the service provider offering the services. This obviously appears to lessen the resource requirements of a company in terms of space, staff and other costs.

A traditional system requires an analog wiring to operate and this may exist besides the local area network existent in the organization. Hosted ones instead operate on the same local area network as the computers. This means that they also utilize the same internet protocol for passing information between two users communicating. This kind of setup shows that the network can just be administered by the same person administering computer networks with only one set of wiring for data and voice.

A special router, apart from the end user phones, is also provided to the client by the service provided to cater for outside communication. When a user makes an external call, the voice latches on the IP network and then it is routed via the provided router to the remote system hosted by the service provider. This then makes the decision of which number is desired and before making the requested connection.

Various technologies can be used here; whether the transmission is on a public network or not. Public networks require security protocols to maintain the confidentiality of the information and, therefore, some have a dedicated link between the service provider and the client to provide sufficient bandwidth and services.

What comes out of the hosted PBX systems is that the client gets a number of benefits as well as getting some disadvantages. With the service provider hosting the equipment, less infrastructure outlay is required by the client. The client company also requires less staff since maintenance is done by the service provider. On the other hand, lack of control over the infrastructure results to less control over customization and dynamism in using the equipment; plus other regulatory laws that pose the challenge of compliance by the client organization.

Examining this pros and cons versus the real situation the organization operates in will give the user an opportunity to decide to what extend they would wish to acquire the hosted PBX So they would be able to know the requirements and affordability of the services they desire.


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